Time for Solids- How to introduce and make your own baby food!
Wednesday, October 24, 2012 1:26PM
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I received the Baby Bullet as a gift! I do believe that the product is worth the money but if you have a blender or a food processor then you can read the following information about How To and make your own baby food. You will want to purchase some freezable containers for the food that you can find at Babies R Us. These will have a measure on them so that you can make the right portion amounts ahead of time and always have fresh baby food on hand. 

Let's Get Started! 


Signs that your baby is ready for solid food:

According to Baby Bullet company you should start you baby on solid food when the following occur:

  • Baby is at least 4 months old and has doubled their birth weight
  • Baby can sit up with support
  • Baby can signal when they are full
  • Seems interested in what you are eating
  • Baby seems hungry after bottle feeding
  • Baby brings objects to his/her mouth



What you will need for the BIG DAY!:

  • High Chair {you might be more comfortable with feeding them in their car seat or some other system to have them sitting up right}
  • Camera
  • Bib
  • Soft Tipped Spoon
  • Floor Mat
  • You want baby to not be too hungry
  • Preferably after Morning feeding and before Afternoon feeding
  • Food portion at room temperature {approx. 1 oz}
  • Food consistency should run off spoon if not it needs more water


You will want to follow these guidelines for purchasing, making and storing food!

You will be introducing starter solid food on this formula: 1 new food every 4 days. You will want to make sure that your baby doesnt have an allergic reaction before moving on to the next food. It is a good idea to keep a journal {just like the one you might have had when your baby was born}.

Allergic reactions will be in the form of: fatigue, eczema, eye swelling, irritability, gas, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, coughing, wheezing, difficulty breathing, lip/face swelling, & skin rash.



**Always make sure that the surface on which you are preparing the food is clean and sanitized. Make sure you wash your hands & the materials you are using very well. Always wash all produce even if it may seem that it has thick skin. Bacteria will live on the skin and as soon as your knife touches the outer skin it will bring that bacteria onto the inside of it. For Example, avocado, melon, watermelon, potatoes, onions, & lemons. These are things that are usually not washed before cutting!** 



I recommend starting your baby with a vegetable. When they start with fruits it is likely that when you introduce a non-sweet veggie they wont be so fond of it.

Recipes for Baby Starter Food:


Banana Puree

1 whole ripe banana

1/4 cup of water

blend raw banana and water until you get the desired consistency

=8oz of baby food

Sweet Potato Puree

1 Sweet Potato

1 cup water

Peel & wash sweet potato. Then Steam until very soft. Blend with water until you get desired consistency

=20oz of baby food

Zucchini Puree

1 Zucchini

1/4 cup of water

Wash Zucchini and Boil until soft. Blend with water until you get the desired consistency

=10oz of baby food

Pear Puree

1 Pear

1/4 cup of water

Peel, wash and core pear. steam until soft. blend with water until you get the desired consistency

=8oz of baby food

Pea Puree

1 cup fresh or frozen peas

1/4 cup water

steam peas until soft and blend with water until you get the desired consistency

=8 oz of baby food

Squash Puree

1 med. Yellow Squash

1/4 cup of water

Remove tips of squash and boil. Blend with water until you get the desired consistency.

=20 oz of baby food

Apple Puree

1 med. Apple

1/4 cup of water

Peel, wash and core apple. Steam apple until soft then blend with water until you get the desired consistency

= 6oz of baby food

Avocado Puree

1/4 cup of water

Wash, Peel and core avocado. Blend with water until you get the desired consistency

= 8 oz of baby food

Brown Rice Puree

1/2 cup Brown Rice

4 cups water

Wash rice, blend until it becomes a powder. In a pot add brown rice powder and water. Bring to a Boil. Cook low for 20 minutes or until soft. 

=16 oz of baby food. 

{this is a great add on to any fruit and veggie puree}


How to Store Baby Food: 

You will want to store your baby food in containers that have a measure in oz & that are safe in the freezer. You will need to be able to label the food with the type and date. Make sure they are BPA free.

Here is what I use. It is an easy to use system. I can store, freeze and serve the food out of the same container {less dishes, LOVE}. It holds 8 2 oz cubes. I can stack them to take up less space in fridge/freezer {always a plus}. These are freezer, microwave & dishwasher safe. {although I dont recommend microwaving food because it can have hot spots that will burn the babies mouth}. The lids are attached so that you cant lose them and their are BPA free. 

$10.00 at babies r us! 



I recommend starting with 1 oz portions to start. The baby wont eat that much at first so it wont waste food. Once you contaminate a container you must throw away any left over. If you made a large batch and dont want to waste the leftover I recommend spooning out what you need into a different bowl. 

*****Foods last 3 days in the refrigerator and 30 days in the freezer. *****

You will want to start with fresh made food and store anything else. Take out food in the freezer two days prior to when you need it and let it thaw in the fridge. Then take it out in the morning to rise to room temperature. {this is the best and safest way to feed the baby}. You will start with one food for 4 days and then if there is no reaction to the food you can introduce another flavor for the next 4 days and so on. 

How to Feed Baby Solids:


First place a tiny bit of food on the spoon and place it on the baby's lips. Then add the spoon on the bottom lip and slowly slip the spoon into the baby's mouth. The baby will push the food out with their tongue. The first few feedings the baby will only eat about a tablespoon of food. This is why you will want to start solids when they arent very hungry. 

Clean the food that doesnt make it into the baby's mouth with the spoon and try again. A closed mouth and turned head will be signs that mealtime is over. It may not be as fun for baby as you expected. If they dont seem to responding well then wait a couple days/weeks and try again. Dont get discouraged babies all develop at different rates and maybe they just need to be eased into the idea. ;)


According to the Baby Bullet, this is a good feeding schedule for months 4-6!




Our First Meal & What I learned! 

There will be times when the baby will not want to eat something so dont make new foods in bulk. For example Ellyah loved bananas but didnt like the texture of sweet potato. She would almost choke on it because the texture was different. So I took some banana and mixed it with the sweet potato and she ate it. Rice Cereal is also a great way to start because you will mix it formula or breast milk and that is a flavor they already know. It will also leave their tummies full which is great for bedtime! Keep trying! it may get irritating when they dont cooperate but it takes time to learn something new. Although Ellyah swallowed her first meal like a champ {well like her daddy. lol}


Another note your babies poop will now change due to the solid foods. It will be more solid and smellier. BEWARE! ;) It might also irritate her bottom so its important you take precaution to keep their skin safe. Ellyah got major diaper rash. I had to change her frequently, wash her bottom after every change, and I used baby powder with pure cornstarch. {we arent supposed to use talc anymore}. The powder was the only thing that kept her dry compared to all the creams! Irritated tushies do not = allergy {even though the nurse at my Pediatricians office disagrees.} But her rash went away and she still eats all the foods with no signs of any more irritation. Go with your instinct. Sometimes babies bodies just need to get used to something and if you dont let that process happen they will develop an allergy to it! 


Another BEWARE: they will make a mess and it will stain their little clothes. I have been feeding her in a diaper so that its an easy clean-up and I bought OxyClean Baby soak for the stains. Will let you know how that one goes. Thank God for my Ikea Highchar that is all plastic and very easy to wipe clean!  

{UPDATE- Food that has made a mess all over her face has dried out her skin. I now wash her face with a washcloth instead of just wiping it with a baby wipe.} 

Source: Baby Bullet user manual and nutritionist cookbook. 


As always consult your pediatrician for nutrition and feeding your baby. I do not claim to be an expert only to inform you of what works for me and hope that it will give you some guidance as well. HAPPY FEEDING! 


Please check back soon for feeding schedules past 6 months and great ways to make the food exciting! 


Here is another great website for more detailed information! Wholesome Homemade Baby Food

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